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Remote Marketing: Shaping The Future Of Work

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

A lot of developments fast-tracked as a result of the pandemic, including e-commerce, streaming, food delivery platforms, as well as broad use of remote work. Rather than seizing this chance to transform how we work, most businesses just moved their offices online, along with the toxic habits that had maligned them; instead of scheduling back-to-back meetings, they arranged back-to-back Zoom calls, and instead of interruptions in a physical workplace, they got more interruptions via the virtual workspaces.

The future of work, according to Deloitte Consulting, refers to the changing nature of work, workforces, and workplaces across businesses of all kinds. As technologies & societies evolve at breakneck speed, your business will need to shift gears to keep up with the changing landscape. This evolution fueled the creation of our remote marketing team, to bring agility in your current business model, so you not only survive but gracefully thrive in the drastically shifting market.

While there are many approaches to building a sustainable business, here are a few in which our remote marketing team can help future proof your business.

1. Technology driven

Have you heard about the granny on Tik Tok with over 200K followers? She’s a farmer who makes funny (& insightful) videos with her grandson on one of the most famous short-form video hosting platforms. It only goes on to show that the way we interact with technology has drastically shifted, and you will need a basic understanding of how to use technology to bring more clients to your business. You’ll need to learn about where you can buy, and how to install, maintain & debug the marketing software or tool. The learning curve will be steep as the martech world is huge with a plethora of available options.

On the other hand, working with our remote marketing team lifts that burden off your shoulders. With a profound understanding of working with martech, they are equipped with the knowledge & tools that are needed to take your business from earning a profit to becoming profitable. Technology today enables us to manage landing pages that convert, create copy that engages, schedule cross-media social posts, and track statistics in real time. It’s time now to be a technology driven business, instead of being driven by technology.

2. Asynchronous Collaboration

When the pandemic first broke out, businesses were forced to work from home. The first few months were quite challenging, as no one expected it to go on for as long as it did. In such dire straits, most business duplicated their in-person work activities, like casual watercooler conversations, with virtual meetings which brought with it ‘zoom fatigue’. Maintaining a healthy work environment is essential to the success of your business today. Asynchronous collaboration, which essentially means working independently of one another, enables businesses to maintain that balance. Rather than jumping on a call to go over group feedback on a new landing page copy, the process can be done offline via document comments in Google docs, for example.

Being asynchronous allows our remote marketing team to provide your business with seamless communication & collaboration to scale & grow. Our web-based meetings are well-organized, which keeps us on track to provide you exemplary results. Almost all marketing activities are well-suited for & can be managed effectively with asynchronous communication. Not only does this provide a fighting chance at addressing the global epidemic of workplace stress & engagement, but it also helps you win the talent war, which can only be good for the bottom-line.

3. Digital Focused

It’s a cardinal sin & a huge waste of time and money to run campaigns that aren’t trackable. Gone are the days of how the Mad Men used to do marketing. Over time businesses have inevitably gravitated towards digital media, and as such, marketing is now fully digital & there’s no going back. Prior to the normalization of remote work, you could still work in a physical environment accompanied by digital tools; now marketing recognizes that digital is the way of the future.

Capitalizing on this future of work, requires a clear identification of what your business really needs. To do that effectively, you need to reconsider the way you work rather than simply doing what you have always done. Transforming your business towards a more digital focused future requires you to think & stay ahead of times. Working from home necessitates a digital lifestyle, and our remote marketing team lives it every single day. They are a competent & happy bunch of people who love what they do, and love to do it digitally.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but we do know what businesses need to flourish wherever they are. We must embrace it & design work, workforce & workplaces that allow flexibility, efficiency, and savings while also being kind on the environment. Are you ready?

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