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Gain Greater Flexibility With Remote Marketing

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Even before the pandemic, remote work was on the rise. However, the rapid digital transformation for the way businesses operate today, was surely fueled by it. During those lockdowns, the whole work from home situation threw some businesses out of the boat, but those that maintained agility sailed through the storm. Agile businesses were quick to direct their employees & upgrade their technology to capitalize on value creating opportunities.

No matter which end of the spectrum you fall in, we’ve got you! With a remote marketing team, you not only have the flexibility to meet the market where it’s at, but also enjoy the added benefits of efficiency, savings, as well as being future-ready & eco-friendly. For a growing brand, this implies that you have access to all of the high-quality, low-cost, and risk-free marketing services you require right now to boost your business. You don’t need to wait until your business reaches a certain size before investing in a full-fledge marketing team.

In this blog, we’ll look at some benefits of flexibility that remote marketing can bring to your business operations.

1. Pre-trained team

Hiring the right person for any marketing role can prove to be a bit tricky; you set up a hiring campaign, spend time filtering the submissions and scheduling interviews, followed by an onboarding and training process to induct the new employee. If all goes well, congratulations, you have a new marketing expert on your team.

In retrospect, with a remote marketing team you know that skillful talent has already been selected and is well-trained on delivering performance for growing brands. Apart from a deep dive into the marketing objectives to achieve your business goals, you get a team that’s set up and ready to go. This way you eliminate the need to skim through hoards of CVs and sit through multiple interviews, enabling you to launch your marketing campaign right away.

2. Diverse talent pool

Truth be told, looking for the best candidate nearby to deliver on the marketing job you need done, can be quite frustrating. You’re practically bound to a physical location, which restricts your business to develop and perform at the level of prospects accessible within driving distance.

By prioritizing what people do than where they do it from, a remote marketing agency operates beyond geographic constraints. You gain access to diverse talent with the exact marketing expertise your business needs. This means you get to work with people from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, providing you an opportunity to accomplish your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

3. Adjustable team size

In most cases, businesses focus on developing powerful sales and technical teams to build the product, with little or no attention given to setting up a marketing team from the start. This is understandable, as; 1) you obviously want to create an amazing product, and 2) it may seem daunting because in-house marketing teams require significant investment, and the returns are not exactly immediate.

Today's fast-changing marketplace, requires businesses to bring agility to their daily operations. Customer satisfaction, employee engagement, operational performance, and financial performance are all affected by how agile a business is. Being able to expand or contract your marketing team, based on any marketing job you need done, gives you the freedom to focus your time and energy on your overall business development.

Fueled by a rich diversity of perspective and experience, a remote marketing team can make you more dynamic to weather any storm. The last year and a half, has made businesses of all sizes become more aware of the advantages of remote work. Are you one of them?

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