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Mint More Savings with Remote Marketing

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Did you know that you can potentially save $11,000 per employee, if your team did the work that can be done remotely, only half of the time? These staggering findings are conservative numbers shared by the Global Workplace Analytics (GWA). With the available technology, gone are the days of a typical 40 hour work week, requiring now more than ever, for businesses to adopt agility & become more profitable.

If we can learn anything from the COVID-19 aftermath, it’s this: the old ways of doing business, need to evolve with modern times. As the possibilities for remote work develop on a daily basis, we are reminded of how fragile prevalent business practices are to the future-of-work. For your business to succeed today, it is essential that you have the flexibility & efficiency to withstand unprecedented events. Our remote marketing team not only offers that but also provides you significant cost efficiencies, and keeps you environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the ways in which you can realize more savings with a remote marketing team.

1. Real estate & daily utilities

Depending on your industry, a traditional work setup would require your employee to be present at the physical location to perform their job. You would need, e.g. an office in a building, a co-working space, or at any other brick & mortar site. Unless you own the space, like your basement or even the garage, you will be bound by a contract to pay a monthly rent. GWA shares examples of how IBM & Sun Microsystems realized real estate savings worth $50 million & $68 million each, by becoming agile.

By going remote, on an average, businesses can save $10,000/employee/year in real estate costs. You don’t need to be a huge business or own real estate to realize similar savings. As a growing brand with limited resources, this is a chance to consider working with remote teams for a profitable future. Our pre-trained remote marketing team takes the headache out of your marketing campaigns, and all you need to provide are the specifics of the task you need done to achieve your business goals. This means that you not only get to work with the best talent selected for you, but also eliminates the real estate and utilities’ costs altogether.

2. Training, relocation & monthly salary

Apart from paying for rent & utilities, there are certain other costs to consider as well, that play a vital role in maintaining healthy business financials. These include onboarding, training and relocation costs, in addition to paying out a monthly salary once the right candidate joins your team. According to GWA, Dow Chemical and Nortel save over 30% on non-real estate costs, with Nortel also estimating that they save $100,000 per employee they don’t have to relocate. This opens up a whole new *world of opportunities to capitalize on.

With our remote marketing team, you don’t need to conduct an extensive hiring process to find the right talent. Your onboarding & training costs are slashed down considerably (down to zero, in most cases), and since we operate remotely, there isn’t any relocation required. For the USA, Glassdoor estimates the salary of a marketing manager to be around $7,800 per month, while that of a digital marketing manager is upwards of $8,500 per month. However, with a remote marketing team onboard, you only get to pay, when you need any marketing job done.

3. Reinvest in building your brand & team

Most business owners driven by their passion & vision, take on way too many responsibilities, way too quickly. In an attempt to manage it all on their own, they juggle all business functions & operations simultaneously, and risk losing valuable time and money – not to mention the burn out onslaught. By spending the already limited resources, investing in the brand and team (the two most important factors driving sales) is put on a back burner.

GWA states that McKesson saved $2 million a year, by working with remote teams. Imagine what you can achieve, when your running business starts saving you that much money annually. Apart from cutting down the real estate and office operating expenditures, a remote marketing team enables you to invest what you save, back into your business to build your brand & nurture your team (or buy a yacht or an island) – the choice is yours!

The numbers sure are compelling & as we know, numbers don’t lie. What’s more significant is the wealth of time that you can save & invest as you deem fit. Would you like to experience the same savings for your business?

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