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Meet your lead team

nabeel yousuf creative head at crazy kitchen studios
nabeel being nabeel at crazy kitchen studios

Nabeel Yousuf


With over two decades of being involved in some pretty diverse work, Nabeel brings the original crazy to our kitchen. He thrives on improving lives, and has been a part of notable film & event productions including Transformers 2 and Salute Petra, where he shook hands with Sting!

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priya o. smith strategy head at crazy kitchen studios
priya being priya at crazy kitchen studios

Priya Osanna Smith


Transforming customer interactions to generate high volume growth, Priya has a knack for helping businesses enhance their customer lifetime value. When she’s not working on a marketing plan, she is either learning to master the dreaded ‘F’ chord or crocheting a mosaic blanket.

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faizan ahmad tech head at crazy kitchen studios
faizan being faizan at crazy kitchen studios

Faizan Ahmad


Very fond of solving puzzles, Faizan has a fix for all things tech & complex. He has been designing & managing projects with global organizations for more than a decade, which includes a classic 3D visualization of a heritage site for VR with a heavy metal soundtrack!

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If you feel our vibe, you're welcome to join our tribe of remarkable & talented people, united towards unlocking ultimate profitability for growing brands.

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